Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Kid Comes Out On Top

I love to watch kids. They can attempt anything with no fear and no inhibitions. What adults see in children as carelessness really just translates to being carefree. As we grow hopefully we become more mature and gain good sense and sound judgment. We understand risk, we realize we’re vulnerable and not invincible and that we can’t fly and run at lightning speed. It’s nice to dream we can though.

Growing up I had a teacher in elementary school who was a feminist. I didn’t know it at the time though. This teacher encouraged me to arm wrestle the boys in my class because she believed I could beat them. And I did. This is not shameless self promotion. This really happened. Which leads me to my point. Sometimes when I’m training with people I see the barrier between that childlike carefree assurance and the skepticism that comes with maturity and experience. Some people are certain they can’t do something. More often I hear “I can’t” rather than “I can”.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not always bad. Sometimes that’s what keeps us safe and injury-free when exercising. But when there is appropriate instruction, guidance and encouragement even the most cynical folk will hesitantly mumble “I’ll try...” and this is the beginning of something greater.

The New Year is a few hours away and many make a fresh start at this time. You don’t need a new year to do this but since it’s upon us take advantage of it. Challenge yourself to get active and work towards new fitness goals this year. I challenge you and from my experience the kid in everyone always comes out on top.

Happy New Year, enjoy 2009 in good health and fitness./gena