Friday, May 16, 2014

Luchka OBrien Mississauga Classic

This weekend has been highlighted by many memorable moments. One thing I know for certain is that when you do something from the heart you will work hard and do your best, no matter the outcome. Often there is no clear end or destination but rather a process of growth, discovery and understanding. As competitive athletes our goals may be different but it's the process that binds us. Congratulations to every The Ontario Physique Association (OPA) Ontario Physique athlete who stood on stage yesterday. Perhaps this was the time you tried something new, overcame a fear, reached new goals or met new challenges. This is the process: take this experience and continue to move forward in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful to you. You worked hard, be proud.
The GNC Live Well LUCHKAOBRIEN CLASSIC was a class act and one of the OPA's biggest shows of the season! Thank you Mindi O'Brien IFBB Pro and Nina Luchka Ifbb Pro for putting on such a great event. A huge thank you to a tireless panel of judges who ran a 14hr day (and that was just the show) with 300 athletes!
I walked into this competition feeling immense gratitude for the opportunities in my life and I walked away overwhelmed and humbled. I owe much thanks to my brother and sister in law who encouraged me to compete for the first time in 2013. That one show set me on a path to 4 more. They also directed me to my coaches Mindi OBrien and Dennis Beitler who gave me guidance and support to grow as an athlete. I'm part of a team of individuals who care, support and encourage each other. I was thrilled with my placing at this competition with a 1st Place Womens Physique Short, 1st Place Womens Physique Masters and an Overall Win.  I'm so excited to be moving on to the Provincials at the end of this month!


Stephanie Worlsfold Classic OPA Natural Qualifier

With Stephanie Worsfold

What a fantastic weekend! Stephanie Worsfold Classic OPA Natural Qualifier had a great turnout  with close to 200 competitors! A great success made possible by so many individuals who pull together and work tirelessly to make these events happen. 


Coach Mindi OBrien

Of course anyone who competes or is striving for new goals in their life knows that a support system is invaluable. These events specifically have many sponsors and a great deal of behind the scenes work. Thank you to The Ontario Physique Association (OPA) for continuing to offer a platform where all are welcome. Everyone out there is someone's daughter or son, husband, wife – mom or dad, even grandparent! We all have different reasons for competing but in doing so you have motivated and inspired someone else. Working hard and making it to the stage is something to be proud of. I was fortunate enough for the opportunity to take part in this event yesterday and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. With the guidance and encouragement of my coaches Mindi O'Brien IFBB Pro Mindi O'Brien and Dennis Beitler my experience in Womens Physique surpassed what I could have imagined. I placed in both my categories 1st Place in Womens Physique Short, 1st Place in Womens Physique Masters followed by an Overall Win.  It was a very exciting day!