Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Mind Game - Fat Loss

Mentally shifting our mindset is a major factor in reaching our goals.  Often I have clients asking me what they can and cannot eat.  I personally believe you must shift your thinking from seeing food as something you are allowed or not allowed to eat. There is nothing you are not allowed to eat.  Essentially you can do whatever you like because you are in charge and do not require permission for your decisions.  I feel as a coach I am here for support, guidance and accountability but the most important person we have to respect, honour and stay accountable to is us. The goal belongs to you, not someone else. I set out guidelines based on a formula for fat loss and the truth is that the closer we stick to those guidelines the better the results.  Fat loss and life changes are challenging.  Whoever said it was easy was lying.  You will not be comfortable through change. That's the reality of a shift in lifestyle but if you stick with it and give your body time to adapt you will be empowered by your new found strength.  There is no progress without discomfort. 

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness - Gena