Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Visit to The Dark Side

Perhaps I was under-rested, physically drained. A couple late nights with sick kids followed by early mornings with motivated clients. Throw in the Easter weekend, home-baked sweet bread, biscuits, chocolate eggs and bunnies…And it happened. I gave into the chocolate and those sugary white carbohydrates. Then, after several get-togethers over several bottles of wine, second and third servings I joined the force of the dark side. I ate whatever, whenever, no thought, no care. Three days of this and I could feel Darth Vader breathing down my neck…”you should not have come back!”. Where’s a light saber when you need one. After all was said and done I found myself rolling out of bed with a lingering hang-over, feeling tired, cranky, belly achey, constantly thirsty and completely out of my element. And people do this all the time? When you eat well, exercise and rest accordingly you really feel it when you don’t.

I use to follow this method of "starting fresh" every time I fell off the wagon(usually Mondays). Eventually I was starting fresh every Monday and feeling like, more than anything, I was constantly failing. Finally I realized this method didn’t offer many benefits. One step forward, two steps back. I then simply made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle and live a healthier, balanced life. It doesn’t stop and start. It’s long term. No deadline and the idea of "starting fresh" - I just don’t think of it that way. You just do it and do it continuously and along the way we deviate a little but that’s all part of living.

I, like many, want to "live a little". But to live a little more and to live it well it’s important to establish consistent healthy habits. I don’t live and breathe supplements, protein shakes and tuna. I don’t live in the gym. Actually I don’t own a gym membership and I haven’t for years. I have a small space in my basement. Sometimes I might workout in my kitchen while making dinner. Think lunges with a dozen eggs in hand. It’s possible. I also have a chin up bar in my laundry room so I do them between loads. Invest in some dumbbells and a skipping rope. Can't make that investment? No problem, i've done kettlebell swings with a bag of potatoes. It’s not complex. Consistency has kept me lean, strong and healthy. It’s not always perfect but like I tell my clients; eat well and exercise most of the time so the "some of the time" that you don’t won’t kill you. May the force be with you.

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena