Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exercising With The Medicine Ball, Ropes, Water Log and Sand Bag

Working with both the sandbag and water-log is a full body workout and great for strength, endurance and power.  As the water travels back and forth you are forced to use your core to maintain good form and balance. Similar to the water log, the sandbag is also unstable. As the weight shifts, lifting, stabilizing and lowering make for a challenging exercise.

If you've ever worked with ropes the muscles in your hands and forearms might feel like jello within minutes. They certainly help strengthen your grip and rope battling moves are great for conditioning. The sheer weight of the rope is enough to get you sweating. Your upper body will feel the work and you will definitely feel your heart pumping as you toss the rope back and forth and make rope waves. Good form is important to avoid lower back strain.

Finally the med ball comes in various sizes and can be used for an endless amount of exercises. By adding this weighted ball to any move you instantly increase the difficulty of the exercise, engage abdominals and work on balance and coordination.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Intervals on the Stairs

With nothing more than a few minutes and a set of steps you can get an awesome heart pounding interval workout! Do each exercise for 20-30 seconds. Rest up to 30 seconds between each exercise. Repeat the cycle from 10 - 20 minutes in total. Enjoy!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Trust. It's a big word. Not for lightweights.
We trust in people.
We trust in ourselves.
We trust in God. The light. The universe.
We trust in our bodies.
But trust carries risk. When we trust do we assume that things won't change.
People won't change.  Our beliefs won't change.  Our circumstances and needs won't change.
Life won't change.
And change is one thing you can trust. Trust that it will happen.
Or should that not matter when it comes to trust.
Is trust absolute.
If I train I trust my body will carry me through.
If I respect my body I trust that it won't betray me.
If  I'm faithful to the habits that are necessary for a healthy and vibrant body I trust that the result will be just that.
But I'm aware.
Aware that my body may not carry me through. My body may betray me.
But nevertheless I continue to trust.
Trust in the pounding of my heart against the walls of my chest.
Trust in the discomfort of challenge.
Trust in the sweat that drips down my back and the weight that suddenly comes off my shoulders.
Trust in the movement of my arms and legs and the strength I see when I look in the mirror.
Trust in the dedication. Trust in the lessons I've learned and the person I've built.
I trust in exercise and all its amazing side effects. This is one thing I know for sure.

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena.