Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Change versus Sacrifice

I recently worked with a gentleman who dropped a few pounds, increased muscle mass and lowered his body fat simply by eating clean and working out. We set out some guidelines but nothing major as far as lifestyle changes were concerned.  I mean it when I say nothing major. There was no rabbit food, counting calories or food tracking. Frankly I haven't met a man who would even consider doing any of the above.  It didn't happen instantly but within a few weeks the weight started to come off.  The body caught up to the efforts.  So later that day while chatting with a friend they declared that they, along with 90% of the population, are not willing to make any more sacrifices.  And it struck me - SACRIFICES.  And this is where perspective matters.

When it comes to losing  fat and getting fit some think "I don't want to make sacrifices"....as in sacrificing the ease of familiarity, comfort, TV, couch, junk food - while someone else might think "I want to make CHANGES..."  This approach is far more optimistic and allows room for "gains"; gain in energy, better mood, developed physique, strength, improved attitude and even getting some sexy back.  It's definitely easier to stay where you are. You have to ask yourself - do I really want to make the changes. Instantly we say yes but quite often we want to see changes without making changes.  But time has shown me that as long as where we are feels better than having to get off our ass - we won't change. Only when we start to feel worse than the work necessary for change do we actually change.  So perhaps the real question is "What have I sacrificed by remaining inactive? unhealthy? overweight?"

Once we acknowledge the sacrifices of an unhealthy lifestyle, we can then set out some healthy lifestyle changes to help us be our best physical self.

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena.