Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Year End Contest!

Get ready for the year-end plank challenge and stay strong through the holidays!  During the month of December, improve your posture, core and upper body strength with the plank.

Just for getting stronger the winner will select one of the following prizes:

$50 Gift Certificate to their fitness store of choice

$50 Gift Certificate to Tabule, Middle Eastern Cuisine with a menu full of delicious & healthy options

A complimentary one-on-one or couples PT session

Who Can Participate:

Anyone in my area of service in Toronto. At the end of the contest I will visit the winner to verify their time at a mutually convenient location whether it be an office, home or gym.  You must be willing to show your planking skills in person and have it recorded.  All participants must email me to take part.. The deadline for registration is Monday December 5, 2011.  There will be two groups: a)  Public Group and  b) PT Group.  A winner will be selected from each group.  The public group is an open group and the PT Group will consist of clientele.  All PT Group participants should encourage friends and family to participate in the public group!

How Does It Work:

You can practice planking on your toes or your knees but the winner will maintain the full plank position for the longest time.  I encourage you to practice the plank every other day and push yourself a little more each time but do not work through back pain. This is a sign to stop. All participants must submit their progress on a weekly basis. All times within each group will be made available to encourage participant progress.

What Does the Plank Look Like?

See the link for full instruction and guidance: 

Have Fun, Stay Strong and Good Luck!