Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meditation, Deep Breathing and The Urge to Punch Someone

I'm working on my meditation skills. I practice deep breathing. I wake up with purpose and try to start the day with serene thoughts. I work on my energy. But recently while attempting to pull out of a parking spot I realised that I was caught in a congregation of bad drivers. And this was not my congregation - I wasn't one of them. While shaking my head I sat and witnessed an assembly of chaos from my rear view mirror. So as I cursed under my breath and felt the urge to punch someone, I quickly came to my senses. This scenario was just a frivolous moment in time. Sure I had a car full of groceries, kids waiting at home and a busy day planned ahead but really, nothing major was happening today. Actually nothing major is really ever happening. So I just sat and waited for this group of bewildered drivers to figure things out. And it was all over in a minute. Chump change in the big scheme of things.

When I tell people that they help to “make me better” quite often they smile warmly as if to say “thank you.” I then realise how misleading my comment is because it's not actually a compliment. It really means you're making me friggin crazy! And this makes me better because it forces me to take action from within and be non-reactive. I resist the urge to act without a thought process. I step out of the vicious cycle of mindless reactions and behaviours. Bad habits that form our day-to-day life. I am getting better at it, one day at a time.

So recently I came across a study that suggests “human evolution was driven by subtle shifts, not major sweeps.” This really struck me as I applied it to everyday life and our health and fitness. If small shifts can drive evolution then what can small shifts do for us now? If you can believe that humans evolved in this manner then imagine if you just made subtle shifts in your attitude, in your thoughts and in your health and fitness. In other words, the small stuff, the day–to-day stuff can have the most impact.

Yes, small changes can lead the way but many still find excuses and self fulfilling prophecies to fail. Making changes can be hard. But its hard only because there are options. Leaving a client's home one day I reminded them to schedule workouts for the week and follow through. They looked at me and insisted that “Its hard!” and I thought out loud and asked “Its hard compared to what?”...To being unhealthy? To being overweight? To high blood pressure meds? To the lack of energy? To not wearing great clothes? To just watching the kids run rather than actually running with them?” Don't even get me started on the devastation around the world. Yeah, it's pretty hard to be strong and fit and physically able to do whatever it is you want to do.... Invest in the daily small shifts. It all adds up to something greater. Really, it's not that hard.

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena.