Saturday, March 31, 2012

Interval Training, At Home Full Body Workout

Do each exercise for 30-45 seconds
Rest up to 30 seconds between exercises
Run through the sequence x5

The Push Up. Everyone Can Do It!


I love basic movements that work multiple muscles and offer major benefits – without equipment. Which brings me to the beautiful push up. Yes I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I'm certain you will appreciate this functional move once you get a handle of the biomechanics. And I like to think you'll remember me when you're 92 and strong enough to push yourself up out of bed.

The push up works the pectoralis major which is basically our chest muscle. In addition to our chest muscle the front of our shoulders and back of our arms work together. While these muscles are working, the front of our arms, thighs and abdominal region are also working to offer stabilization during the movement.

There are variations of the push up to accommodate all levels of fitness so EVERYBODY CAN DO A PUSH UP!

Positioning: Hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders. Ensure your shoulder blades are apart and that you are not caving in through your chest. Your lower back should be flat, your abdominal tight. Your body should be straight from top to bottom – imagine a plank – so that you are not bending or caving in at the waist at any time. As you lower your body your elbows will move away from your body. Try to keep your elbow and wrist aligned at the mid point and follow through. Do not extend the neck or lead with your head.  Inhale on your way down. Exhale on your way up. If you are not able to perform the push up on your knees you can stand by a counter, desk or wall.

Get moving! Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crazy? Maybe. Defeated? No.

"What 's this worth? What the hell are you doing?" I asked myself as I let out a moan of what I could only translate as defeat.  I generally don't make a peep when I run. I don't hear my voice for hours. Think what you want in silence but when your thoughts are assigned a voice it's a whole different game. The psychological warfare gets ugly.  So as I looked at the final hill on my route I resigned to having my head examined.  After all I was soaked, freezing and numb from pain.  I'd been running through snow, ice and -22 windchill for over three hours.  It also doesn't help when drivers give you the universal "CRAZY!" sign.  If I skipped the hill I could make a left and be soaking in my tub within 12 minutes versus 40 minutes if I stayed the course.  And then I paused and grudgingly asked "Am I defeated?!  Am I giving up?!" I didn't hold my head up. I didn't look mother nature in the eye. I didn't get my second wind. I just put my head down and ran that bloody hill and the rest of the route.  When I got home, on the verge of breaking down, I heard my voice say out loud - "I wasn't defeated, I didn't give up...."

In that moment I had myself fooled by the weather, my exhaustion and my innate battle.  It was the first few weeks of marathon training. Physically I wasn't where I wanted to be. I fooled myself into thinking that I should give up.  I got in my own way and bought into my own bull#$*!.  Somehow that moment skewed my judgement and everything I could accomplish.  Yes, doubt and fear are always lurking and the danger of giving them a voice is that they infiltrate your thoughts, your attitude and your outlook.  If you don't give them the power you will never be powerless.

So are you focused on your goal? Are you facing your challenge? Are you winning your battle?  It doesn't matter how big or small. Perhaps it's a change in eating habits, a new workout plan or your first time joining a gym.  Perhaps its not even fitness related but rather your work or your relationships.  Whatever it is I think many of us have experienced moments where we are fooled into believing we should just give up. But when we give up we have nowhere else to go. Stay the course, you will always have somewhere to be and the road will always be open, no matter the weather. And if someone gives you the "crazy" sign just smile and move on.  You will never be defeated.

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena.