Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wall Squats

Squats are not only a staple exercise in any exercise program but a movement we naturally mastered as infants and toddlers. Over time for many of us this basic movement became foreign.  

If squats are new to you or if you're struggling with flexibility, form, depth or general comfort I suggest you practice doing them against a wall. Often people struggle with mobility in the hips, ankles and shoulders but also flexibility.  

I stand about the length of my foot (or slightly less) away from the wall with my feet wider than hip width, toes pointing out.  Only my arms touch the wall during this exercise. As I push my hips back and press into my heels, my body leans forward into my palms.  You want to keep the chest up towards the wall, head level and eyes looking ahead. Often when we gaze down we lose our form and we begin to round the back. Try to keep the arms up overhead as much as possible. Practice makes perfrect so the more you do it the better you'll get at it. As you become better you will be able to move closer to the wall. Ideally you want to perform the squat with the toes touching the wall.

I also perform the same exercise with my hands holding a towel behind my neck, to mimic a bar.  Give it a try!

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness.