Sunday, April 28, 2013

20 Days to London!

Photo: Rick Oliver Photography
In 20 days I'll be driving to London for the GNC Stephanie Worsfold OPA Natural Provincial Qualifier .  It's been two weeks since my first competition at the 2013 GNC Live Well Stratford Championships and in this short time I've had a chance to get into a better place in my heart and mind. When taking on challenges I would quite often just put my head down and plow through without coming up for air.  This time I'm breathing and it's a far better approach.  There's more clarity and perspective and with that comes more balance.  Which means I'm smiling more.  The day after Stratford I knew I wanted to compete again.  Not everyone understands. And that's ok.  I am going by what I feel.   

Life has taught me that at any given moment we can be our own worst critic or best supporter. Our biggest obstacle or the main force that propels us forward. People can help you, teach you, guide you but only you can make it happen.  You.  Take on the challenges that come your way.  Try. You can start with that small glimpse of desire that you've tucked away in the corner of your heart in order to keep you in your safe place.  Decide to risk fear and failure for the satisfaction of knowing you did it, regardless of the outcome Go for it - I'm rooting for you every step of the way!

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Final Night Before my First Competition...

While working towards this competition I wrote on a few different occasions. Going back and re reading everything now the different phases are evident. Just before my 43rd birthday I decided I was going to do this. It wasn't clear why though. Why would anyone work for 2 months only to be judged by a panel of strangers in a matter of minutes. One thing I will say for certain; when you go into something physically and mentally challenging know in your heart you are doing it for you. And know that you really want it because at some point self doubt will creep in and you may want to check out. Quite often memory fails us of that initial enthusiasm.

I believe when you are reaching for new goals and challenges it's important to surround yourself with like minded individuals. Simply, if you want to run faster run with faster people. Truth is your goals are not everybody's concern. You're not always going to hear what you want or even what you need. You may also see some raw truths that seem hurtful but perhaps at a later date they may offer value. Life does continue to go on around you. So here I am – one night before competition. I'm better today than I was yesterday. I've had feelings im comfortable with and others I'm not. Keeping perspective wasn't always easy and neither was keeping it all together. But I am at peace and excited and that's something I'm absolutely cool with!

When I look in the mirror I see the results of what I feel internally. We can glamourise a healthy lifestyle and leave it all to vanity but it doesn't come down to that. Transforming your body comes down to intensity, drive, passion. It's a desire to defy and the will to get truly uncomfortable. It's feeling alive. Its complicated at times and simple at others. If you feel all these things – they are real. Take it all in. I am satisfied with where I am because I have worked hard and gave it my all while still trying to maintain “normal” with family, home and work. Trying to fit it all in meant some late night and even earlier mornings. Moments of highs and lows. Moments of exhaustion. And guess what – that's OK!  That's life. It's not perfection. It can be messy and everything maddening and amazing all at once. I see moms and dads, grandparents and people of all walks of life changing their life through their health and fitness. And that's just awesome.

I hope you are working towards the goals you set out for yourself this year. I hope you haven't given up. You have to keep going to do your best, to see your potential. And in the simple act of going forward you will find fulfillment – in the words I WILL NOT GIVE UP. You can do it!

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness./gena.