Thursday, August 8, 2013

To Move and Be Still

Spending some time away from life as you know it is a good thing. We all need a break from the mundane. A chance to rest the body from the daily rituals of work, commute, responsibilities. To stretch the mind, relax and view the world through rested eyes. Maybe even gain some perspective. This is summer.

I enjoy vacationing with my family but being dislodged from my base for too long makes me antsy.  Waking up with the purpose to lounge is a sure way to make this girl restless. And a little cranky. A successful family vacation requires compromise. On this family vacation I joined a gym.

While everyone sleeps in, I pump iron.  It's a 25 minute walk to the gym which gives me the opportunity to take in my surroundings. Things I might not notice while driving I now pay special attention too while walking. I see everything from a different angle and my senses are full of life. By the time I get back my gang has wiped the sleep from their eyes and they're ready for the beach. And I too am ready for a lounge chair. It's great to be active just as it is to be still - to be aware of everyone and everything around you - but to be aware without judgement. To simply be present and mindful. There is beauty in movement as there is in such stillness. Mindful lounging.  I also enjoyed some windsurfing and some early evening runs by the sea. The sun is still hot and the breeze is warm. I taste salt on my lips, my skin darkens, my body loosens, my breath quickens and my spirit lightens.

It's wonderful when summer's rituals, smells and sounds fill the air. We've been surrounded by water, blue skies and mountains. Mother nature is graceful and wild, deep and humbling. But of course the season goes by so quickly. Before you know it the days are cooler and the night's are crisper as the smell of fall fills the air. I love summer perhaps because it is so short and the essence so distinct. I hope you have been enjoying the season. Take it all in and through movement and stillness - make the best of it.

Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness/gena.