Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sambuca, Shifting & Some Hard Core Exercise Atheists

All of the things I’ve needed to work out in my life I’ve resolved while running. Well, perhaps not everything – some things I’ve resolved with a lawyer, with a friend, with love or a Flaming Sambuca. But to a large extent it’s true. In the time it takes to get myself in motion, to run without having to think about the biomechanics of running, I’m lost in thought and eventually, and often quite suddenly, I find clarity. And with clarity I find solutions. Sometimes the solution is just that. Clarity. Sometimes a solution isn’t necessary because there really isn’t a problem. Just a need to shift perspective. This has worked for me because I love doing it – running that is. I know not everyone loves to exercise. I know that many don’t even like to exercise. In fact most people I know hate to exercise. And this is where perspective matters.

One of the best parts of my job is witnessing the occurrence of a shift. I’m talking about a shift in beliefs, perspective, in attitude and in ones self. I’m talking about a shift in folks who approach me as hard core exercise atheists. Infidels. These are the people who don’t want to convert, who would rather have permanent cankers on the entire surface of their mouth than do the plank. You see, the truth is that sometimes we have to do things because we just have to do things. We don’t have to like it but we have to do it. And when there’s accountability things get done. And through the many phases and stages of resistance, denial and four letter words good things happen.

That’s when my hard core haters become believers. Not necessarily lovers but believers, followers and leaders…of exercise. No, for many it’s not the exercise itself they end up loving but the cause and effect of exercise. The feelings, the outcome, the results. We all do things we don’t like doing but we do it because of the end result. I hate cleaning. The thought of it tires and bores me. I hate it the whole time I’m doing it but when it’s done I soak in the satisfying results of a spotless tub.

Being sick this week I had to take a day away from some of my clients. Personally this was my least productive day, but the most rewarding. Calls and messages came through from former non-believers who have converted. From those who did nothing unless I showed up. These same individuals called to inform me that they still made their way to the gym, their basement or condo corridor. My fellow believers embraced the free weights, resistance bands and treadmill. You have to understand that some of these people avoided the treadmill like the Bubonic Plague, whether because they were afraid of falling, tripping or just sweating, on this specific day they walked, ran and even danced on the treadmill. These individuals ran up and down their stairs, forward lunged through their corridors and planked to the point of failure. People, this was a great day…Are you a believer?

Enjoy your self in good health and fitness/gena.